What better satisfaction insurance than over 300 during 20 years certification audits as lead auditor ?

Image AuditeThey have started in 1996 with environment not being simply a decorating mint leave on the qualitycake. They continued with H&S in 1999 and again it is not just a decorating strawberry for qualityconsultant. Quality audits were performed after having ensured quality functions several years in2004. Energy was a technical return to operations and dedicated diploma in 2011. Now it continueswith information security resulting from managing our own servers and network during 13 years.

When you master your technique, you not only repeat what you’ve learned with ready‐made standard solutions but create: 

  • auditing techniques derived from selling ones,
  • processes derived from communication,
  • systems architectures synchronising with IT,
  • risk balanced methods and tools.

Now if in addition, the auditor or trainer knows how to combine management, leadership techniques; if he knows how to rely upon IT the result overcome hopes and the system becomes central and appropriated.
Auditee gratitude is much more valuable to me than payment: “with you it’s very different” “wealmost have the impression not to have been audited” “thanks for your numerous advises” “wereally have understood what a system actually is” “we did see how to conduct interview and get ouraudits to make sense”