All sustainable development aspects from high level chemical, chemical engineering, thermal
exchange, industrial risk in addition to French and European regulation.
• Advise for ISO 14001 or 26001 compliant management system implementation or redesign
• Sound impact evaluation methodology
• ISO 14001 or 26001 internal or certification preparation audit
• Awareness trainings
• Industrial risk prevention (Seveso compliant management system, ATEX regulation, HAZop, Man Machine Interface, emergency response)
• Training on toxicology and eco toxicology understanding from handbooks and safety data sheets
• Fire, explosion, gas dispersion modelling
• Soil remediation techniques
• ...

What is different with us :
On technical aspect : you’ll benefit from an experience return derived from managing
hundreds of administrative files for authorizing industrial operations in France, from ecodesign and eco‐toxicity training sessions, from safety and environment operational
experience in high risk context
Those technical knowledge are combined with IT, management, management systems and high level physics and chemical knowledge.