sensibilisations culture et système, conseil, audit, diagnostics formations, accompagnements, coaching
Unusual combined conceptual, organisational, cultural, technical and practical experience of an ISO 27001 auditor having constructed managed his own company full and autonomous information system.
“Safety Off the Beaten Tracks” avoid mistakes and create motivation around you using 35 years of managing experience up to group executive level and perform outstanding culture change in turn.
Consulting first is a matter of reciprocal confidence generating genuine implication for quite in depth changes making them difficult to achieve. Take the opportunity of ISO 45001 auditor to challenge cultural practices and avoid bureaucratic traps.
ISO 9001 : Redesign you processes using the team neuronal network concept. Release organisational and individual stress through “Efficiency in Tranquillity”. Integrate information system in a lean, reliable and efficient communication organisation. Improve auditing dynamic in French, German, Spanish.
ISO 50001 : 
- French Institute for Energy high level course graduate
- With experience of operating and revamping 
utilities processes on a large chemical platform
- Now ICA certification auditor 
helps you tune and integrate this dimension in your management system.

ISO 14001 :  Chemical Engineer graduated from Strasbourg European School specialized in preventing industrial risks and products toxicological ones from top management culture to technical assessment.